Having started as a small High Tech Engineering , Institution, affiliated with Boston University SOUTHEASTERN has become today a Leading Center of quality education

Our students receive the best academic and counseling services , therefore they may
obtain upon graduation , work permits globally. The European Union, U.S.A. , Australia. 1981:

Southeastern: 16,000 Graduates from 60 Different Countries

To carry on our mission of building a solid, career oriented academic engineering and applied sciences program, Southeastern, a rigorous effort to broaden and deepen the traditional engineering scope, meets the particular needs of the area of Southeastern Europe.

Our first goal was to transition programs in Engineering, Information Technologies, Biomedical and Manufacturing Engineering, and to appoint talented 100% doctoral level faculty to deliver them.

Around 30 students enrolled in the Southeastern’s first full academic year in 1982.

After a successful first decade, Southeastern sought to expand at a time students from Southeastern Europe countries were showing a great interest for quality American postsecondary education.

Over the past 35 years, Southeastern’s instructors and students have been also led to many devices, systems and laboratory techniques that impact the research character of Southeastern.