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    Greek Visa Student Visa

    Greek Student Visa

    Main Required Documents


    Long-Term Study VISA

    • A certificate proving registration and payment of fees at the respective education institute, as appropriate, or a certificate that you have been accepted for registration;
    • Evidence proving that you have adequate income to meet study and subsistence expenses, amounting to at least four hundred (400) euros a month;
    • Consent of the parents or the person exercising parental authority for the planned stay, if you are under 18 years of age;
    • If the curriculum to be attended requires sufficient knowledge of the Greek language, as a prerequisite for your registration, the competent education institute shall make the necessary checks and issue the corresponding certificate, which shall be presented to the competent Greek consular authority.


    Greece Long-Stay VISA Interview

    On the day of your visa interview, there are four main things that you need to do. Find these things listed and explained below:

    1. Attend the interview. At the embassy (or the third-party agency), you will be meeting with a consular officer or two.
    2. Present the required documents. You will need to hand the documents you have collected to the interviewer, as required.
    3. Give your biometrics. You will have your fingerprints scanned, and your facial image will be taken if you haven’t travelled to the Schengen area in the last 5 years.
    4. Pay the Visa Fee. Most of the time, you will need to pay the visa fee on the day of your interview. You may have to pay the fee in cash at the embassy/consulate or at a bank and take the receipt at the embassy/consulate.

    Note that these steps are not necessarily arranged in this order. It depends on how the authorities have regulated this process in your country.

    Greek D VISA Application Processing Time

    The minimum processing time for a Greece Long-stay visa application is 6 days. On the other hand, the maximum the processing of your visa can take is up to three months.

    Paying the Fee for Long-Stay VISA

    The fee for a national long-stay visa for Greece is €180. Yet, the following categories should pay different fees as explained:
    • Foreigners applying for a study-related visa*need to pay a fee of €90.

    Greece National VISA Validity

    • Students participating in a traineeship program – up to 6 months

    Greece Residence Permit

    All foreigners moving to Greece with a visa that is valid for a year or longer need to apply for a Greek residence permit.

    To apply for a Greece Residence Permit, complete the steps listed below:

    1. Bring with you the documents you collected to apply for your National visa in your country, original or copies. You will need to submit most of them again.
    2. Complete the online application form for a residence permit. Make sure you complete this form as soon as you arrive in Greece (within a few days).
    3. Schedule an appointment with the main police station in the district that you have settled in Greece.
    4. Submit your documents at the same police station. You will also attend an interview with an officer, who will ask you several questions regarding your purpose of residing in Greece.

    Please not that those holding a visa valid for less than a year do not need to possess a residence permit. Yet, they must pay the consular post, in addition to the visa fee, which is €150.

    Pre-Arrival Information for International Students.


    Athens, the capital of Greece and cradle of European civilization, constitutes an intellectual and artistic center, one of the largest in the eastern Mediterranean. The Greek capital has also grown to be one of the most important trade centers in the southeastern area of Europe. 

    Athens, belongs to a privileged class of historic cities of antiquity and continues to maintain the glory of its name, offers students a fascinating selection of cultural events. 

    In accordance with the Greek Department for Immigration newly admitted students who are not citizens of Greece or any of the EU countries seeking student visa and residence status must request for a letter of Acceptance from Southeastern in order to submit it the Embassy/Consulate of Greece at the country of the student residence.

    Students must apply for a student visa and upon arrival to Athens must apply for a one-year student residence permit.


    Step 1: Request of our official Letter of Admission
    To request for a Southeastern Official Letter of Admission, you must submit the official
    Southeastern application Form. Once you have submitted your Application Form, you will be
    emailed with instructions on how to request for the official Letter of Admission.

    Step 2: Apply for a Student Visa
    Apply for a student visa at a Greek Embassy/Consulate in your home country (on the nearest
    one of your country). Southeastern Office for International Students will inform you about
    that or you find it at website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (visas) at

    Step 3: Arrival to Greece
    You may enter Greece with your student visa not earlier than 30 days before the start date
    indicated on your Southeastern Letter of Admission.

    Step 4: Complete your Application for Student Residence Permit
    Southeastern Office for International Students transition to their new life in Athens.

    Please note: If you do not complete the mandatory components of the Student Residence
    Permit, a hold will be placed on your student record which will affect your course enrollment.

    Medical Insurance

    Southeastern Office for International Students provides all our international students with the Student Insurance. More about the Insurance Company can be found on the following link

    Medical Emergency number in Greece is 166.

    Police Registration
    1. Students are usually picked up at the airport. Students stay at one of the near the campus hotels.
    2. In cooperation with appointed realtors students choose the apartment/flat of their choice.

    3. Students are opening an account with the nearby bank.
    4. Students are registered at the Regional Administration Aliens Police Office.
    5. If students do not carry a comprehensive medical insurance, arrangements take place in order to get a full treatment medical insurance.
    6. International student ID card is issued.

    The Immigration Office requires usually 5-10 working days to issue, the 12-month Residence
    Permit. If the student wishes to bring member of his/her family, an invitation process must
    take place via the Embassy/Consulate which has issued the entry visa.

    Banking Information

    After obtaining their resident cards, students are eligible to open the bank account in any of
    the following banks operating in Greece:

    Piraeus Bank
    National Bank of Greece
    Eurobank Ergasias SA
    Alpha Bank
    Attica Bank
    HSBC Greece
    Citibank Greece

    Travel Cards

    Students can apply for the travel cards via International Student Identity Card on the following link cards/?lang=en .The ISIC card is available for all full-time students / scholars in Greece, in public or private institutions of secondary and higher education. The minimum age limit is 12 years old and there is not maximum age limit.

    All accepted student, who have received their LOA and the entry visa for Greece/EU are requested to forward their arrival to Athens information, in order to arrange an airport pick-up, if this is needed.

    During the first weeks from their arrival all new students must attend their first induction meeting, concerning the following:

    1. Housing arrangements, near the Campus;
    2. Immigration Police Registration;
    3. Health Insurance Arrangements;
    4. Opening a Bank Account.


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