What is IPE:
Interprofessional education (IPE) is an approach to healthcare education that brings together students from different healthcare professions to learn from each other and work collaboratively.

Welcome to our Interprofessional Education (IPE) webpage!

We are committed to providing our students with a comprehensive and collaborative learning experience that emphasizes the importance of teamwork and effective communication in healthcare. Our IPE program brings together students from different healthcare professions, including biomedical, clinical chemistry, pharmacy, and more, to learn together in a supportive and collaborative environment. By working together in a team-based approach, our students gain a deeper understanding of each other roles and responsibilities and develop the skills and knowledge needed to deliver patient-centered care.

Our IPE program is designed to promote a culture of collaboration and mutual respect among healthcare professionals, which is essential for delivering high-quality care. By emphasizing the importance of teamwork and effective communication, our students are better prepared to work in interdisciplinary teams and provide comprehensive care that addresses the needs of the whole patient.

Our IPE program offers a range of activities and experiences, including simulated patient care scenarios, interprofessional case studies, team-building exercises, and more. These activities provide our students with hands-on learning opportunities that reinforce the
principles of interprofessional collaboration and communication. Through our IPE program, we aim to produce graduates who are well-prepared to work in interdisciplinary healthcare teams and make a positive impact on the lives of their patients. We believe that by working together and learning from one another, we can improve the quality of healthcare and enhance the patient experience.

For further information about IPE, students may contact us at:


They may also reach us at the following phone numbers:

  • +30 694 6454219 (Marija Loncarevic)
  • +30 694 4516797 (Rayane Hariri)

Upon receiving contact from students, we will ensure they explore our program further and learn more about the benefits of interprofessional education.

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