In the case that you have any specific question(s), and/or if you wish to obtain more information about studying at Southeastern, please call one the following numbers, depending on which area of study you’re interested in:

-ENGINEERING & INDUSTRY 4.0 : 21 1234 5618

-GREEN TECHNOLOGIES : 21 1234 5884

-HEALTH SCIENCES : 21 12345839

Industry 4.0 & STEM

Our world is changing

We are on the precipice of a major technological revolution, which is unlike anything humanity (commonly known as the ‘anthroposcence’) has experienced before. 

Increasingly, technology is connecting the digital world with the physical one, resulting in new innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI),  Digitalization, Automation, quantum computing, and the meta-verse, which is commonly described as the 4th Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0.  

As a result of the scope and complexity associated with the pace and speed of technological revolutions, which is also known as the  ‘Digital Transformation’, Elon Musk recently argued that “almost half of work activities globally risk becoming automated by 2030″.

We cannot certainly predict what is going to be the precise impact of Industry 4.0, but one thing is certain:  SOUTHEASTERN, and its 100% field-experienced & Doctoral level instructors are here to adequately prepare you to excel in the knowledge-based economy and the “jobs of the future”, in order to pursue a successful career with global horizons.

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Join Southeastern - the pioneers in American education, research and innovation since 1982


Ever since 1982, when SOUTHEASTERN was established to facilitate a 3+1 Engineering Program in affiliation with Boston University (BU), today, at SOUTHEASTERN, we are celebrating the 18.000 individual success stories of our graduates. 

Our graduates have been successfully admitted to more than 180 world-class Universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, and are pursuing successful careers globally, working for major companies such as Accenture, Intel, IBM, Google, Oracle, CCC, General Electric, Cisco, Intel, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Fed Ex, American Express, Thomson Reuters and Eastman Kodak.

The stellar academic quality of SOUTHEASTERN, is in practice proven by the fact that in addition to its institutional collaboration with BU, in the past 4 decades, SOUTHEASTERN has facilitated collaborations with numerous Universities in the US, with a tradition of academic, research and professional credibility, such as the City University of New York (CUNY), George Washington University (GWU), Northeastern University, and Drexel University.


Further evidence of the caliber and rigour of excellence defining Southeastern, is the fact that for the past decade, it has been facilitating tailor-made Graduate training programs for the engineers, scientists, and managers of 17 different International Oil and Gas Companies, including but not limited to Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum, REPSOL, OASIS/Conoco Phillips,  ENI/Mellitah, Zweteina, Waha, Akakus, and Petrobras.

All Undergraduate and Graduate Programs offered by SOUTHEASTERN combine academic coursework with hands-on research experience.

Our students have the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research projects co-funded by the EU’s Horizon-Europe program focusing on: the absorption, processing and utilization of CO(Carbon capture, utilization and storage) (CCUS), Geothermal Energy Applications, Hydrogen Applications, the production of New Generation electrodes from Nanotubes for the batteries of  electric cars; and Waste Water Treatment and Desalination.

Importantly, SOUTHEASTERN offers the opportunity to undergraduate students currently studying Physics, Land-survey Engineering, Mining & Metallurgical, Chemical Engineering, or Mathematics to transfer the coursework they have successfully completed, and change to innovative and career-focused cutting-edge concentration, such as Automation & Robotics, Renewable Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or Electrical and Electronic Engineering, or Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, all tailored to equip students with the skills and knowledge required, to OUTSMART THE ROBOTS, and land the job of your dreams. 

All Undergraduate and Graduate Programs offered by SOUTHEASTERN combine traditional face-to-face learning in classrooms of under 10 students, utilizing innovative platforms, giving the opportunity to students who are not residing in Athens to participate remotely, and engage directly, ask questions, and interact with their peers and instructors, wherever they may be located, via live synchronous and interactive mode. 

In the case that you have any specific question(s), and/or if you wish to obtain more information about studying at Southeastern, please call one the following numbers, depending on which area of study you’re interested in:

-ENGINEERING & INDUSTRY 4.0 : 21 1234 5618

-GREEN-TECHNOLOGIES : 21 1234 5884

-HEALTH SCIENCES : 21 12345839




Automation & Robotics


Civil Engineering

Computer Hardware &

Digital Electronics

Computer Science

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Electrical & Electronic

Life & Safety

Geology & Geophysics



Mechanical Engineering



Petroleum Geosciences

Oil (Petroleum) & Gas


Ocean (Maritime)


Renewable Energy


Maritime Engineering

Information Technology Engineering for Cybersecurity Networks & Cloud Engineering

Automation & Robotics

Carbon Capture &


Chemical Engineering

Corrosion Engineering

Drilling Engineering

Ecosystem Science &

Climate Change

Energy Resources &


Geothermal Energy


Hydrogen Applications

Ocean (Maritime)


Geology & Geophysics

Renewable Energy


Management for ESG

Waste Water Treatment & Management


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Industry 4.0 & STEM
All prospective applicants are encouraged to book a personalized a Virtual Advising Session (VAS) via Zoom, with the Office of Admissions, which will also  be attended by administrators, and other members of the faculty (i.e. academic advisor) to familiarize themselves with the specificities of the program of interest, career prospects and opportunities, admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, or even the visa process, and get the opportunity to ask any questions about the studies.

Whether you have a specific question or just want to get more information about studying at Southeastern, please call to:


-ENGINEERING & INDUSTRY 4.0 : 21 1234 5618

-GREEN TECHNOLOGIES : 21 1234 5884

-HEALTH SCIENCES : 21 12345839


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