Our History

Rich in Culture and History

Ever since 1982, we developed 3:2 programs focusing on Engineering, Information Technologies, Biomedical and Manufacturing Engineering, and appointed talented and experienced faculty to deliver them. Whereas only 30 students enrolled in Southeastern’s first academic year, in the first decade of its operations, an ever-increasing number of students from southeastern Europe became interested in American postsecondary education.

Since its inception, Southeastern’s dedication has been to respond to the evolving needs of society by offering capable and motivated students:

  • excellent upper-level curriculum programs
  • intellectual growth with scholarly and creative activities
  • a research culture and environment; preparation for upper level curriculum studies; quality research for the upper level curriculum
  • the link between study and professional achievement

Over the past 40 years, SOUTHEASTERN’s instructors and students have formulated many devices, systems and laboratory techniques that have made a substantive and transformative contribution to their respective fields/areas of interest, and have thus transformed the research character of Southeastern.

Today, we are celebrating 40 years and we are proud of our 18.755 graduates, and their individual stories of success. The objectives of Southeastern are to equip students with an excellent education, enabling them to compete successfully in the contemporary era’s competitive knowledge-based economy’s job market; to adopt productive, and conducive roles in society as professionals and intellectuals; and to embark on upper level curriculum programs of their choice.

Our Timeline in History

Fall 1982

Southeastern was established as affiliate of Boston University (BU)

The educational activities of Southeastern commenced with a collaboration program with Boston University (BU, Mass., USA) starting with a study abroad program focusing on Philosophy, Archaeology and Modern Greek Studies.

Fall 1982

Fall 1985

Southeastern Welcomes Staten Island College, City University of New York (CUNY)

Southeastern signs a transfer agreement (3+1 program) with the Staten Island College, City University of New York (CUNY), one of the largest State Universities in the US.

Fall 1985

Fall 1988

Southeastern Welcomes George Washington University (GWU).

another affiliation agreement with George Washington University (GWU) focusing on Civil, Electrical & Aerospace Engineering.

Fall 1988

Fall 1990

Southeastern Welcomes Northeastern University.

Northeastern University assisted Southeastern to develop a full undergraduate program focusing on Business Administration & ran the first year Master of Business Administration (MBA) program (1+1).

Fall 1990

Fall 1991

Drexel Research Partnerships

Several agreements or joint ventures have been established with a number of other US Universities (i.e. Drexel University) for both joint teaching & research activities

Fall 1991

Fall 2000

Southeastern Collaboration with New York Maritime Academy

Southeastern establishes collaboration agreement with the State University of New York (SUNY) focusing on the New
York Maritime Academy (Maritime Engineering)

Fall 2000

Fall 2021

Southeastern Establishes Training & Research Center

Southeastern establishes the new Innovation, Training, and Research Center in Agia. Paraskevi, Athens, Greece to further expand our operations.

Fall 2021
Education meets innovation

Our Mission

Through our admissions system, the level of course offerings, the emphasis on General Education course requirements, orientation and academic counseling sessions, Southeastern projects the image of a leading institution in higher education in Southeastern Europe. Its success in meeting objectives can be measured by the number of upper level curriculum students who have found employment in their chosen professional fields and by the number admitted to prestigious European and American universities for upper level curriculum studies.

Education with principals & values

Our Philosophy

The educational philosophy of SOUTHEASTERN is based upon maintaining close ties between faculty and students as a way of ensuring the optimization of the learning process while carefully counseling them in the choice of a study plan which not only complies with SOUTHEASTERN requirements but also reflects at the same time their own personal aspirations. Emphasis is placed upon promoting flexibility in the development of new programs consistent with the never-ending evolution of knowledge.


The Birth Place of Democracy

Southeastern is located in Athens, Greece, the birth place of Democracy to inspire and motivate students to go above and beyond their known capabilities such as the Ancient Greek civilizations that brought us many modern sciences, mathematics, politics, and philosophy. 

Adapting to a New Era of Hybrid Learning Programs

A history of offering specialized courses with hands-on experience designed to enhance and train students real-world experiences in their field to provide added value knowledge to advance your career or education.  Despite recent events with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have adapted our learning platforms to be optimized for all students to attend.

Our History -

Southeastern's Journey in History


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