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Welcome to our webpage on the placement test for English and Mathematics!

This page is designed to help you understand what a placement test is, why it is necessary, and what you can expect when you take one.

What is a placement test?
A placement test is an assessment tool that helps to determine a student’s skill level in a particular subject, such as English or Mathematics. The purpose of the test is to place the student in the appropriate course level based on their existing knowledge and abilities.

Why is a placement test necessary?
A placement test is necessary to ensure that students are placed in the appropriate course level. Without a placement test, students may end up in courses that are too difficult or too easy for them, which can lead to frustration, boredom, or poor academic performance. By
accurately assessing a student’s skill level, the placement test helps to ensure that they are placed in the course that is best suited to their needs.

How are the placement tests administered?
All students are obliged to take the placement test before fully registering to the program. Students will be given a set amount of time to complete the test, and they will need to answer a series of multiple-choice questions that cover a range of topics in the subject area.

What can you expect from the placement test?
The placement test is designed to be challenging, but it is also meant to be a fair and accurate assessment of a student’s skill level. The English placement test may include questions on grammar, reading comprehension, and writing skills, while the Mathematics placement test may include questions on algebra, geometry, and basic math concepts. It is important to take the placement test seriously and to do your best, as the results will help to determine which course level is best suited for your needs.

The resources below can be a valuable tool for students to review and practice the skills and concepts that will be tested on the placement test. It is recommended that students take advantage of these resources to help them feel more confident and prepared for the test.
For Mathematics:


For English:

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