Our Premises

Our premises can be easily reached by taking the Blue metro line and getting off at the
“Nomismatokopio” station, which is the 7th station after Sintagma square. Upon exiting the
station, Mesogion Avenue will be reached. Walking on Mesogion Avenue for a couple of
blocks will lead to the 28th of October, where our premises are located. Upon reaching this
point, a right turn will lead to our location at the end of the third block. Alternatively, buses
number 406, 407, and B5 (located on the same side as AB supermarket or the cafeteria Coffee
Barry) can be taken from Nomismatokopio.

Picture one shows how to reach out to the Southeastern by walking:

Our Premises

Picture two shows how to reach out to the Southeastern by the bus:

Our Premises

Here is the link for Google Maps:

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