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Popular Programs & Majors

Over 90 Programs

Computer Science & Engineering

Advanced Engineering programs with extensive hands-on experience in specialized fields.

- Architectural Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Computer Science
- Electrical Engineering
- Computer Information Systems
- Civil Engineering
+ Other Programs

Natural & Health Sciences

Specialized health sciences studies using innovative teaching methods by experienced professionals.

- Pharmacy & Clinical Chemistry
- Biomedical Technology
- Molecular Biology
- Physics
- Food Science & Nutrition
- Biochemistry
+ Others Programs

Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Specialize in Social Sciences, learning the way governments function and political sciences.

- Political Science
- Psychology
- Sociology
- International Political Economy
- International Relations
- Communications
+ Other Programs

Business Administration

Modern Business programs to learn the inner mechanics of a business, markets, and the global economy.

- General Business
- International Business
- Finance & Banking
- Accounting
- Marketing
- Economics
+Other Programs


Learn the Knowledge of Energy and Resources which is any industry which never ends.

- Business Management
- Hotel Management
- Shipping Management
- Maritime Operations Management
- Human Resources Management
- Real Estate Management
+ Other Programs

Art Studies

Develop solid and confident grasp of theory and a command of a significant body of knowledge

- Art History
- FIne Arts
- Interior Design
- Byzantine Studies
- Classical Archaeology
- Graphic Design - 3D Animations
+ Other Programs

About Southeastern

SOUTHEASTERN is an independent private educational institution offering a wide range of postsecondary studies for the past four decades.

Having started as a small High-Tech Engineering Institution affiliated with Boston University (BU) located in Boston Massachusetts, SOUTHEASTERN today is celebrating 40 years as a renowned pioneering institution of postsecondary education. Thousands of our students have continued their Graduate – Master’s studies at the more than 160 Universities, mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

SOUTHEASTERN programs build the necessary foundations for academic, as well as professional success. SOUTHEASTERN alumni have continued their studies at a long list of universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.


Student Life

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Alumni Services

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Life at Southeastern

At Southeastern we strive to create the ideal learning environment while providing an abundance of inspiration to grow and pursue your dream career. Located in the birthplace of democracy  Athens, Greece, students are surrounded with a rich culture and long history with access to archeological sites, World Wonders, Museums, Life experiences, crystal water beaches and many more. 

Southeastern - STEM Programs - Science Technology Engineering Mathematics - Academic Programs
at Southeastern
Specialization with purpose with our STEM Programs.

Southeastern offers a wide range of STEM programs conforming to superior American Education Standards. Since the beginning of  2000 , at the core of the 4th  Industrial Revolution are the rapid technological developments, in the fields of  Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence or AI , Digitization  as well as Big Data , possibility of self-education, computer training, with  sophisticated algorithms (Machine / Deep Learning) , and the  Internet of Things (IoT) .  

Innovative specializations are reshaped in order to meet the needs in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics, Digitization and the Application of “New Generation” Nanotechnology Methods, for the irreversible shift or transition towards a low carbon economy (low carbon economy), described as “Green Transition”, and tackling Climate Change .

The rapid development of mRNA applications, as well as other important developments in other key areas such as Nanotechnology, Genomic Analysis, lead to new, innovative approaches in various scientific fields of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (Biomedical Science).

Green Technologies to save the planet from climate change. The problem of choosing between natural gas and clean coal bridges. Southeastern offers programs which provide the specialized knowledge in order to meet the needs of the future, in the “Green Transition” and “Digital Transformation” .

Humanity, which is going through the economic consequences of the pandemic and lockdowns, is at the beginning of a new industrial revolution, namely the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4BE) or Industry 4.0, where it “blurs” the boundaries between the physical, the digital, and also of the biological world.

Learn More about our STEM Engineering Programs.  

The development of an integrated automatic control system without human intervention ( robotics ) or with partial human intervention ( cobotics ) using sensors) applications of artificial intelligence ( Artificial Intelligence ) and application of programs from the wide internet ( cloud / internet ) and banks for storing and processing comparative information ( data banks ) is another characteristic of this specialty.

Pursue your STEM Passions at Southeastern

Most Popular STEM Programs


Computer Science

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Renewable Energy Engineering

Renewable Energy

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Biomedical Technology

Biomedical Technology

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Automation & Robotics

Automation & Robotics

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Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

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Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Program consists of over 50 dedicated 5-Year study programs which allows you to specialize in your field to be ahead of the competition.

Preparing leaders for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Since our inception our mission is to inspire  learning with a focus on scholarship. For 40 years of existence. 

American university in Athens

Continuing Studies At Leading Universities

Continue your studies at the most prominent universities and IVY league schools in the United States of America. Our mission is to prepare students to grow and reach their maximum potential in their field of study. Our staff advises students or graduates on which universities specialize in their major or study in order to achieve the most added value education to begin your career.  

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Southeastern Grants a Full Scholarships for Class of 2026.

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